Pollys Brew Co - A Shot in The Dark - Coffee Stout - 5.8% - 440ml Can

Pollys Brew Co - A Shot in The Dark - Coffee Stout - 5.8% - 440ml Can

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It’s the cool thing for breweries to do at the moment, isn’t it? Buddy up with a Coffee Roastery and smash out a kickass stout. When Hundred House Coffee got in touch with us earlier in the year and expressed an interest in working with us, we absolutely jumped at the opportunity. Sitting on the idea until the cooler months, we agreed that a straight up, no frills, no fuss, and no adjunct Coffee Stout would be the best way of showcasing our respective talents to the max. Featuring 9kg of honey-treated Catuai and Caturra coffee beans from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, we added this cold-brew coffee during the fermentation cycle to intentionally impart less bitterness and accentuate the toffee and chocolate notes against our own malt bill, with just a little bit of grape acidity on the finish.
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